Electrical Design Engineers for Salman Al Terais

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    New York
  • Qualification

    B.E/B.Tech in Electrical Engineers
  • Experience

    2 yrs

Job Description

Candidate with good communication skills. Handling all roles and responsibilties as per the requirement.:- Evaluate engineering design and head project engineering design specific to electrical discipline. Suggest modifications to develop and design to enhance quality. Develop engineering projects analysis to include preliminary design, calculations, budget analysis, life cycle costs plus equipment selection. Develop technical construction specifications. etc..


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  1. 7006500230


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  2. +919747846378

    Hi sir ,
    I am a graduate in ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING. I Have been working as an assistant engineer in Kerala State Electricity Board for 4years.

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  3. 9891136086

    To be a part of an organization where I can pursue a successful career by utilizing my skills and abilities to the maximum extent with full potential. Being a professional, I am confident that I can achieve a level of performance which is nothing short of perfection. I am willing to work in a stimulating and challenging environment which provides me ample opportunities to apply my skills in a practical manner to growth of company

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  4. 9990737082

    Hello. I have dome Master in Electronics from Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi with having 3 year Experience in Design and development.

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  5. 7298128385

    I have lot of ability to creative new things and upgrade your company

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  6. 8294056593

    I would like to work in an organization which works in the field of technology specially power sector and which has a good reputation in technological society.I want to explore myself as much as possible in the field of electrical technology.I have worked in grid substation and I have the potential to operate and manage the substation.I am a dynamic and interactive guy,who can resolve the problems associated with substation operation and maintenance.
    I hope you will find me suitable for this position and requesting you to please consider my candidature.
    I am waiting for your response and I will be available within a week.
    With Regards
    Mukhlesur Rahman

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  7. +255682333703

    Sir/ Madam,
    With reference to above cited subject, I avail this opportunity to introduce myself Mahendra Singh Rao, I am in a field where creative and logical thinking is must and I am confident that I do my work with my talent and skills.
    I am interested in exploring the possibility of seeking employment with your organization.
    Please find my resume enclosed, it will furnish you with the details relevant to my skills and experience. I would welcome the opportunity to meet, discuss and explore the possible merging of my experience & talent and enthusiasm, with your organization needs.

    Here I am enclosing my curriculum vitae for kind perusal.

    Awaiting an early and favourable response from your company, please contact me on my cell no. and my Email Address, there is any wants pertaining to my profile for kind consideration of my candidature and I Hope that I may get an opportunity to prove my worthiness.

    Keeping in view of my qualification, I am confident that I can fulfill the above mentioned assignment and live up to your expectations.
    Looking forward for a favourable response.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    You’re sincerely

    Mahendra Singh Rao
    Email ID : [email protected]
    Cell No. : +255682333703 / +917023906336
    SKYPE : mahen.rekha0786

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  8. 8512822279

    i can do the work and deliver exceptional results will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team

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  9. 8802176875

    I would like to work with an organization, which can give me various opportunities to identify my potential, skills set and talents. I am dedicated to devote myself towards any goals and objectives in order to enchance the company profile that will give me also an opportunity to grow futher.

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  10. 0097470692459

    for job

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