Professor in Mathematics in Computing for Govt. University in Saudi A…

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    Fixed Salary (yearly)
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    New York
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    PhD in Mathematics
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    2 yrs

Job Description

To Teach courses pertaining to mathematical concepts, Computing: Scientific computing and to the application of original and standardized mathematical techniques in solving specific problems and situations. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research


  1. 7067701713

    Iam a teacher and I have 7 years of experience in teaching.

  2. 09697447715

    I have 6 years of teaching experience

  3. 09360244515

    very experienced in teaching in Electronics and Communication Engg and now working as Professor & Head and Vice principal

  4. +91 9066068912

    looks feasible and versatile for the requirement. Desirable to work abroad

  5. 7042632726

    they should hire me because of provide good knowledge and concept of respective topics

  6. 9789619169

    I would like to take the opportunity to work in your institution . I have an MPhil degree in Mathematics from PSG College of Arts and Science and would like to apply the skills I have acquired in a real time environment. I have a year's experience and I believe that my academic training and my communication skills help me be an effective teacher. I would constantly strive to cultivate an interactive environment in which students can express their ideas freely and have a modern approach to thinking.
    During my first year of teaching I coached students in such a way that I got 100% pass percentage in my class. I ensure that the object of study was communicated to the students effectively and I also worked as a soft skill trainer for a temporary period of 4 months were I coached in the various manners of leading group discussions and soft skill demonstrations along with Spoken English. My ability to teach basic concepts that promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual development are well honed and I take pride in making mathematics and science and all subjects I’ve taught fun for children as I understand that studying these can be considered dry by the students of this age. Additionally, I possess the knowhow of establishing inviting classroom environment in order to promote learning and assist students in reaching their maximum potential.

    Thank you for taking time to consider my application .I am excited to the prospect of joining you institution and I look forward to an opportunity of meeting you and discussing how I can contribute to your institution and objectives.

  7. 9450173819

    Ability to taught tough concepts in an easy way

  8. 9791020444

    Eligible and suitable candidate, doctorate , to teach mathematics

  9. 9994095664

    9 years Teaching Experience in Physics

  10. 27034155

    I met all their requiment and can deliver best.